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Wanted: Atari Touch Pad Art Software...

Clint Thompson

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I've got a few programs (don't know if they are all compatible with the touch pad):


Atari disks

Print-N-Draw (by Bill Williams / Terrific Software) and photocopied manual

Micro Illustrator (by Steven Dompier / KoalaWare) - works with the KoalaPad

" " Koala Instant

" " Koala Geometric Design


I can check and see if these work with the pad - just give me a couple of days...

All of the progs are on disks, so making a copy won't be a problem.


Do you have a trade list of sorts?




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If you can find an .atr of Rambrandt (Antic Magazines famous art program) it is compatible with the touchtablet, and trackball, and joystick, and koalapad, and etc., etc. Plus it's a FANTASTIC program that uses ALL of the Atari's best graphic modes, not just one. Plus, you can even use DLI's in it (very user-friendly, built into the software) to get 128 colors on screen!

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Click on the link below. I have posted ATR files of Rambrandt, Rambrandt 2 and Rambrandt Utilities.


You guys are assuming Clint has a 5 1/4 floppy on his pc and the means to copy them to diskettes...which he could for all I know. Or a SIO2PC board (sold here for $20.00)


Nice gesture tho' Think I'll add those to my collection...:)



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