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Mental Kombat Winner and Update!


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I wanted to create the PAL/NTSC-Switch as gently as possible. You are now able to change the TV-mode at every time during the whole intro, fight-sequence and game...


It was (and still is) much more work to check always which setting the switch has, but I like this comfortable solution much more than compiling one PAL- and one NTSC-binary.


Let's see how many of the 4.096 Bytes will be still unused when the game is ready. I currently expect less than 100 Bytes to be unused...


Best regards,



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OK! I added the requested FMV, it's a randomly generated film of unlimited length. You can activate it this way (Easter-Egg-Mode!): Take the remote control of your TV and toggle the FMV-files by pressing the program up/down buttons until you see a videostream that you like...easy, huh?

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