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Atari Announces Flashback 2.0

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Curt, sorry to asking such a dumb question since the answer seems to be clear, but a clear answer would help not to harm some hardware :o) You said the 2600 chip is 3.3V supplied. But are all the inputs 5V tolerant? Can I just supply 5V for the cartridge (so all the data/adress lines will be at 5V) and for the stick inputs (so I'll have no troubles with the trackball units and like)???



I'm wondering the same thing myself. The address lines are 2600 outputs only but the data is IO. Will the 8 data lines to the cart port need serial resistors for protection?

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I can't wait to seehow tey pull off Space Duel and Caverns of Mars...

Judging by the screenshots of Caverns of Mars that Curt's posted... the 2600 can do better.




Where ar they? I can't seem to find them.

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If you'd bothered just scrolling down, you would have seen the topic halfway down this page. It's here:



Though for some odd reason Curt's images are only showing up as "user posted image" for me.



Uh huh...


I'm guessing the words "USER POSTED IMAGE" don't qualify as a screenshot. :roll:

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