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Haunted Adventure Trilogy "Ultimate" Easter Egg Contest


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Then the map made to look like the original haunted house is the ultimate easter egg? I can't find anything else.

Huge Spoiler (since you have been so diligent and close before):





I guess someone is going to find it and post it all over the internet, so it might as well be bradhig doing it right here...


(Wow... 11+ years since this thread started... where has my time gone?)

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haunted house easter egg text

first floor Jono Care Was Here Play Return to Haunted House Matthew Johnson Jonthan Rose


Second floor coding kurt Howe Brian Wong Foog


three floor Thx Dennis Debro Warren Robett


Fourth floor James Anderason John Dunn Stan


I have walked through that text again and again nothing happens. I searched everywhere in there with the bridge and didn't find anything. There is a skeleton in there and I have killed him. Can't find anything else.

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I have killed the skeleton in the area like the original haunted house game. I have touched the skeleton with several other objects. I have searched the walls with the ladder , pushed the glove through walls trying to search for hidden objects in hidden rooms, I have run through the text with different objects. I have carried the dot into the area like the original haunted house game hoping it would open hidden passages, I took every object through that area. I even tried climbing through the narrow openings in the stairwells. I have walked through the original haunted house area following several paths based on the original game. I let the bat lose in that area hoping it would find a hidden object in some room I can't reach. Still no Ultimate Easter Egg.



From your first steps,

Always do what is right. = go into area shaped like original haunted house game map
Travel up the straight and narrow path,
Which leads life’s journey encountering both foe and friend; = skeleton
Travel through the tome of truth = area in game 3 shaped like original haunted house game

To find true eternal salvation for the soul. = skeleton, graves ,or the flashing heart

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I am done with this. I have tried everything and I mean everything I could think of to find this I ultimate easter egg and no luck. I think you have to take the dot through the line and end up in some other room but I keep getting sent to the room above the starting room either that or I have to get to the right side of the level 1 stairway which is impossible. I am done with this. Someone can take what I found out and try to find it.

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Atwwong doesn't answer my PM's anymore. I got frustrated last week and said some bad stuff about the game. I apologized to him but I don't hear anything from him. Could someone ask him if he could give me another hint?

Busy time of the year for me doing reports that are due soon, so I don't always have time to answer messages right away.

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Okay I tried again. I am thinking I need to get to the right side of the stairway on floor 1 maybe to reach the easter egg. I used the haunted house maps from the game database and marked where the text messages appear in the easter egg in game 3 . I used the maps 3 from game 3 of the original haunted house cause I was looking for a pattern.






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just had something weird happen. I went through the invisible wall in the cross castle carrying the dot and after entering the green screen with the invisible wall on the left side I got killed by either old man graves spirit or the skeleton. After I got killed the screen went blank until I pressed the fire button not even a sign of the bad guy that killed me.

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Listen when I move the joystick around it sounds like I am hitting a wall. When I move it down it sounds like normal movement. Could this have something to do with the Ultimate Easter Egg?




So, is this game really fun or is it like Swordquest?

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