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Was the Atari 2600 your first video game system?

Rhindle The Red

Was the Atari 2600 your first video game system?  

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  1. 1. Was the Atari 2600 your first video game system?

    • Yes. I got it back in the day.
    • Yes. I got it much later, though.
    • No. I had a different system back in the day.
    • No. My first system was from a later generation.
    • No. I have still never owned one.

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We were country boys and didn't like to be contained by the Atari!?! I think it came from the system being used to quell rowdiness when visiting relatives, and thus seen as a tool of dicipline. Snowy days or holidays and we would take turns at River Raid or E.T., but we would rather be outside shooting things with sling-shots or playing thistle-maze while counting cows.. My interest grew as I got older and I started loving computers and technology. Now I play Atari a lot and my kids play our arcade occasionally. Atari is just great fun! I love that the original creed for programmers was 'no depictions of human death!'!! That would be some lead balloon today, huh? Homebrews and later releases make the system far better than it ever was, especially with programming tools like Batari Basic!!

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"Fer Sure!!"...The Atari 2600 was my 1st→Video Game System...ever! ;-) :thumbsup: ...→ I think back in ...1979...we got it @ "Woolworth's Store!" I believe we got it w/ "Combat" {'the "pack-in Game"}..."Space Invaders"...'fer Sure!'...an' maybe a couple other games with it!?..."Still Remember!"... :) ...→"I was about 28-29 years old!"...→→ "Das It!!"...

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