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Posting Code? README - code cleaner tool!


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As many of you know, cut-and-pasting into "CODE" blocks sometimes "eats" the leading whitespace characters that batari BASIC depends on, especially if you're avoiding the use of line numbers (a good practice!)


So I've created a tool:

AAbBCc - the Atari Age batari BASIC Code Cleaner


Cut and paste your code into that app, press the button, and it will double up leading spaces. That's the safest way I've found so far of preserving the crucual aspects of the code, but I'm open to suggestions -- I tried using the HTML nonbreaking space ("& n b s p ;" (as a single statement of course)) but it didn't work, it just showed that as a literal string inside the code block.


Comments and Improvements welcome. I will talk to Al about the chances of making this tool completely obsolete by improving the "code" parsing that AA forums do on their own.

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