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Is this the final box design for the Flashback 2?

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From an article on ClassicGaming.com (see attached image).


I hope this isn't the final design. I count TEN errors in the area the lists the games. :o (And that's not even getting picky!)


Here's the full article:





Edit: OK, I hate to link right over to a remote site for an image, but I can't get the file attachment to work. So here it is:



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Wow, that first version is in need of a copy editor!


Pitfall! not Pit Fall

Asteroids not Asteriods

Millipede, not Millpede

Fatal Run, not Fatel Run

Space Duel, not Space Dual

Lunar Lander, not Lunar Landing

"Atari Climber" is the new name for Climber 5

Checkered Flag never made it

Yar's Revenge should be Yars' Revenge (this one is admittedly tricky)

Aqua venture should be AquaVenture -- and listed only once!


I think that's your original 10 errors. I would add that Frog pond could use some Consistent Title Capitalization, and that Breakout does not appear on the unit but is listed in the copy description.


Here's a shot of my final box, purchased at retail:


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