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Programming in a subdirectory


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I don't know if anyone else has mentioned this already. If you create all of your programs in the main Batari BASIC directory, it quickly fills up, and becomes very cluttered. You can keep things better organized by creating a subdirectory for your programs, so that just the main Batari BASIC files are in the main directory.


For example, my directories look like this:











etc. And inside each of those I have more subdirectories, like this:






etc. So naturally I added another directory for Batari BASIC:


C:\Atari\2600\Batari BASIC


And then I added a directory inside of it for my programs:


C:\Atari\2600\Batari BASIC\Programs


I should mention that I'm using the 2600ide program, which is inside the main Batari BASIC directory. Anyway, when I load a program into 2600ide and compile it, I get an error because it can't find the programs.


To make it work, all you need to do is edit the 2600baside.bat file, and add a "cd .." command, like this:


@echo off
cd ..
copy /y /a 2600basic.asm +%1.obj +2600basicfooter.asm %1.asm>nul
dasm %1.asm -f3 -o%1.bin


Note that you must do this with the 2600baside.bat file that's in the subdirectory where your games are. Once you do this, the compiles will execute correctly.


Michael Rideout

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