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A Neat Flashback Experience

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I thought this was prett extraordinary, so I figured I'd share it.


I went over to hellmar, err, walmart to pick up a FB2. I found one, tried not to drool on the box, and scurried furtively off to the register with it trying not to look too obsessive.


Anyway, I get in line, and the guy behind the counter has some pretty severe physical deformities (one of the few decent things walmart does is hire people with disabilities). It's real obvious that the people in line are *quite* uncomfortable with this. Many of them are actually backing away from him so as not to make physical contact, avoiding eye contact etc. This really pissed me off, as I work with people who have disabilities on a daily basis, so when it's my turn, I make a point of striking up conversation and treating him like anyone else. When I handed him the FB2, he exclaims : 'Whoa Atari! That's awesome!' So I tell him all about it and all of a sudden, the entire line behind me is crowding around looking at it, completely forgetting their discomfort with this guy's physical deformities. Pretty soon, the guy behind the counter and the people in line are all chatting happily about Atari, how much fun it was, favorite games etc and pretty soon, the WHOLE LINE runs back to the toy section to get a FB2. They cleaned the store out, actually.


So I'm just standing there blinking incredulously. I pay for the unit, and the guy behind the counter thanks me for the info, saying he's gonna get one too.


Atari is anything but dead in the minds of people nowadays, it seems. There really is a market for a FB-like system with a cart port for little multi-cart deals. The FB 2 should do really well, given what I've seen.


But it's really cool to see how common interests can make people forget their prejudices.


All in all, not a bad ten minutes in hell.... :D

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Yeah neat. I think the 2600 has more of a recognizability factor than the 7800. I'm glad they got the two activision games on there, although it woulda been nice to have HERO as well.


Anyways the young couple ahead of me at walmart (keep in mind this was just after midnight) actually recognized the atari and the lady in line (more around my age) did as well. She even talked about how interest in older systems seems to come back over time.

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I just got a 7800 right before the FB2, and I've been talking more about that.

Still, Atari is instantly recognizeable:

"...you mean the old Atari?"

"Yeah, the VCS."

"The what?"


"Oh, yeah, I haven't seen one of those in ages!"


That's usually how it goes. Sometimes, though, people don't know what system the games are for that they are selling, but they remember after a minute of conversation.

'Course I kept my mouth shut when I bought a box of rarity 4 to 6's for $3.

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