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Please tell me where I can get a Flashback 2!

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probably when the FB2's that have the so called sound problems are pretty much off the shelves is when to expect seeing the stores stock them up for the holiday shopping season :ponder: I feel they are trying to filter out the early units before they stock the corrected version as to not have to deal with many returns otherwise walmart corp would of stocked plenty per store instead of handfuls here and there.

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Makes sense. I didn't know if Wal-Mart had a "sneak preview" run or if we had already hit the official release date.


The woman I asked about it today in the Wal-Mart toy department looked at me like I was speaking a different language when I asked her about the Atari Flashback 2 today...


So, were they only released early to Wal-Mart stores in certain parts of the country?


Now that I know what I'm dealing with... I can wait until next Tuesday to get one, and then I can get it at Target, too!

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Seems as though they are all doing a seasonal reorganization now. Lots of people found theirs on the top shelf. Mine was in one of a dozen buggies they were temporarily holding stock in while moving stuff around.


Best to wait anyways though, mine was one of the jacked up ones.

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Check out Target stores and Best Buy stores in the upcoming week. From what I learned at the game expo this afternoon, those models are the latest versions, with the Quadrun sound problem fixed.



Excellent. Thank you for passing along that information. I'm used to everything being released in NYC first, so this time it's my turn to play the waiting game :)

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