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assemblers for 7800


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I know DASM seems to be the de facto standard assembler for the 2600 crowd, and I guess it makes sense because it's pretty fully-featured but it has lots of little quirks that annoy me. I've used Bruce Tomlin's 6502 assembler some and I like it a lot too...


Just wondering what other people use for the 7800, since there's a smaller amount of source code out there and thus less dependence on DASM.

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MadMac is what I'll be using on an Actual 520ST. Just need to locate the program. Also, any tips for a newbie to Assembly Language I could use to just get the 7800 to say "HI" on the screen? I too use DASM on my "PC" for 2600 programming (taking the 2600 programming for newbies course). DASM is very stable and uses almost all of the 2600's features...which has more features than I thought it appeared to have.

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For everything 6502, I always use DASM, being it C64, Atari 2600, Atari 7800 and even the PC-Engine/Turbografx 16 (using macros for the handful of extra opcodes). For the 2600, it's quite nice that the newest versions of DASM support the illegal opcodes.

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