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5200 "Soccer"


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I didn't find the original label variation of Real Sports Soccer in the rarity guide.

I got a copy of that today. The label's totally different, but AtariProtos says it's the same game. The screenshots match the ones in my instruction manual, which also says simply "Soccer."


How rare is this version? Is it Atlantis II rare or "Pole Posit'n" common?

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RealSports Soccer and Football were originally released as simply Soccer and Football. It wasn't until Atari came up with the RealSports series idea that they changed the label, box, and manual. If you look at the title screen for all the RealSports games on the 5200 you'll see that they still say Soccer, Football, and Baseball.


RealSports Baseball was never released with a label that just said Baseball.



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I found the original boxes of Football & Soccer, without the Realsports to be a bit more of a challenge in tracking down. I was looking for several months on these, finding mostly Realsports variations each time a boxed copy would pop up on ebay. Carts themselves seem fairly common in either version.

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OK, thanks.  I just wanted to know if it was rare or common--looks like it's as common as many Sears picture labels that I have.



If you have 5200 Sears picture labels, you're holding onto R11s. :o







Nah, they're N64 Sears Picture Label carts. Rarity 15. ELVIS IS ALIVE!! He's in the Sears picture label on Perfect Dark with his American Flag vest and Phoenix sidearm.


Nah, I was just thinking that Soccer game was probably more common than Space Combat or Steeplechase.

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