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Top 10 Rare Atari

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Top 10 Atari, if you take those off what else would go there? No protos, no Pepsi Invaders, no PAL in the list, and no 3rd party stuff, just Atari.


I'm wondering where people would place Motorodeo & Ikari in terms of rarity, they are still among the rarest, but they could slip down..


Xenophobe & Sentinel are also a pain to get in NTSC format, they could give Atari Video Cube & Rubik's a run for their money.


If you switched to hardest to get boxes, assuming you cheat & buy a couple Pal boxes along the way, they would change around alot. This is how I'd place top hardest boxes Atari:



Crazy Climber



BMX Airmaster

Rubik's Cube




Ikari Warriors

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I happen to think that Xenophobe nudges out Rubik's and Atari Video Cube in terms of rarity, again just barely in my opinion. Didn't know that Asterix was available in NTSC format, but if it is then it would be number 3 in my list.


1. BMX Airmaster

2. Diagnostic Cartridge

3. Quadrun

4. Obelix

5. Crazy Climber

6. Motorodeo(tentative)

7. Ikari Warriors(tentative)

8. Gravitar

9. Waterworld

10. Xenophobe

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There's a thread on NTSC Asterix here. There's a few of them out there. Only three found in wild so far though, that I can tell, all rest from Woita.   


Or here ...




Woita brought this over to my house personally. :cool:




There's probably a Taz cart inside yours :P

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I don't believe they were released in the US, only Canada. Which would make them a bitch to find living anywhere here in the US. But if several have turned up now, just like NTSC Puzzy's surely they were sold somewhere. Probably just a matter of time before someone finds a warehouse full of them in the great white above.


something like 3-4 Asterix to 6-7 BMX have been found, neither of those are high numbers, but they had to come from somewhere. :ponder:

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