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HSC Season 3 Week 16: Save Mary


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7205 for me. I have played this game quite a bit since I got my cc2. This game should have been released.


And can you believe it is programmed by the same person that did Pac-man? (todd frye) Just shows that he can make a good game if given enough rom :)



And RAM. Save Mary is a Superchip game (though I'm not quite sure why--probably to get dam edges smooth which requires changing both COLUPF and COLUP1 mid-scanline). The game behaves very oddly if the Superchip is flaky.

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Well, I pushed a few more games... I got into a groove on this one. Finally hit a level where I could not keep up with the water though. I did get a couple extra Mary appearances on the side and picked up 2 of them. They appeared right where the other things do on the ledges.





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I double checked that the difficulty level was advanced by letting the game go back to the title screen. I got lucky this last round, lots of plugs and extra Marys showed up.


This will probably be my last entry - I'm heading over to see a friend's new house this afternoon and tomorrow night I'll be seeing Depeche Mode!


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Uh... who's K?

Me ;)

Ah, I had a feeling it'd be you... but frankly, I figured the score was awfully low to be one of yours :P





Hehe yeah... I just can't get ahold of this game, not one bit. LOL Mind Game saw how fraustrated I got with it...

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