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Got my 2nd FB2... $23.98 at Target!

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I was just at Target (to get my son yet another Thomas train engine), and first off, I spotted an endcap on a checkout line with Revenge of the Sith DVDs for $15.99, so of course I had to pick that up.


Then I was in the video game aisle and I noticed a "temporary price reduction" on the FB2... only $23.98! So of course I picked one up. I couldn't resist. (I figured I'd eventually own 2 or 3 of them, but I didn't think I'd buy my second one so soon.)


Anyway... if you don't have one yet, this may be the time to get one, since Target's got the big discount going.


(I know at many retailers, the last digit is an indicator of a product's status... closeout, etc. I'm not sure what the 8 means at Target. I hope it doesn't mean they're dropping the FB2 already. Anyone here work at Target or know what their pricing codes are?)

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I've found Asteroids Deluxe, Space Duel, etc. to be disappointing due to their bugginess. But I'm mostly excited about Adventure II... even though so far I haven't had a chance to play it for more than 5 minutes. (October was a... let's just say "challenging"... month for everyone in my family, so the FB2 hasn't seen much action yet.)

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wow, all this talk about the FB2 and I *still* have yet to see one in my area (Chicagoland). None of the Best Buy stores i have been to have it, nor the Wal-Marts, nor the Targets...our Wal-Marts (to my knowledge) didn't see the early Rev. A models, either...it's been a long, long wait...hopefully it'll be sometime soon.

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