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Is The Flashback 2 Games Are Out?

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First of I dont know if this was already posted so I will say sorry just in case also I was wondering if the games on the Flashback 2 are already out for download and also I need to see the full list of them cuase I like to make labels for each gaames with a Special Edition Label art.


It would still be interesting to see art labels for the new/previously unreleased games just for the fun of it. I enjoy looking at your label designs.





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I would love to see one for Adventure 2!


I made some a week or so ago for Lunar Lander, Asteroids Deluxe, Space Duel, and Arcade Pong. I used the current Atari logo on them since they were developed by the "new" Atari.



Nice and here's my idea of how Wizard should look like and I beleave this is the right image to use for three resions,


1 - Every Atari fans would rememeber this image from the old 2600 Catalog and it will fit in okay.

2 - Its the right idea of how the Wizard and see how the left side of him with the Maze-Like images? Just like the mazs on the game.

3 - Also I Beleave that if Atari had the origanl label art work of this game but never did released it in time I think this image from the old Atari 2600 catalog would be the one.



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