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Can Star Wars Arcade Hack Into Empire Arcade?


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I alway dream of seeing the Atari arcade version of The Empire Strikes Back for the 5200 and was wondering if its possible to hack the Parker Brothers Star Wars Arcade into The Empire Strikes Back Arcade like turning the X-Wing into the Snowspeeder and with the At-At level to the Astreoids Level? Its a big under takling but if there's some ways to do it can it be done?

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Maybe this game for the 8-bit computers could be used ?





That looks similar to the 2600 Parker Bros. game. I think he is referring to the modification to the vector Atari Star Wars.








TESB was a cinversion kit for the original game. Seems like modifying the 5200 game could be possible since the games are so similar. That said, I'm no programmer, so what do I know?

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