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FB2 Rev B Mod and Video Noise

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So far I have cart hacked the Rev A and Rev B FB2.

The Rev A hack went fine and the video quality was great.

The Rev B is another story.


The Rev B shows signs of video noise in the form of "ghosting" of some sprites and background objects.

For instance when I play Chopper Command I see faint "ghosts" of the enemy planes, choppers and trucks. These ghost images always appear at the same points on the screen.

When I play the internal ROM games the noise or ghosting is not present.


I tried shortening the leads to the cart connector but that did not work.

I am thinking that since the GND and +5V connections to the board are close to the video circuits this might be causing noise in the video.


Has anyone else experienced this with their FB2 Rev B mods?

Would a well placed bypass capacitor help?


The video noise is very apparent in side scroller games and is very annoying.

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Hi All,

I just finished my first FB2 cart mod. I managed to get it to work without too much trouble thanks the tutorials on this forum. But I am noticing some video issues similar to what Kokovec mentions. I see some sprite ghosting and video noise that was not present before the mod. It's really noticable on Chopper Command and Kaboom. The video noise is present when I use carts and also when I load games from the internal ROM. Also, the ROM menu screens are slightly shifted horizontally to the left. The system is definitely still playable but it is a little annoying.


My questions: Has anyone cured the video noise problem? Did I possibly screw up the display when I was doing the mod? Any suggestions for a fix? I'm pretty sure I have a Rev C board, see the photo below. Thanks.




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On my Rev B i back tapped the solder pads and wired it up that way. I had to use about 7 inches to make it work that way to get to where i had mounted the cart slot. I have never gotten any ghosting that way. I did keep all my wires the same length and re-soldered ALOT of funky looking connections on the board besides. I would just check over your work again and see if anything looks off.

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I like that back tapping idea. I might start over and do it that way. My wire routing is a mess right now. Were you able to drill the holes using a standard drill or did you use a dremel?


I was concerned that my wires were too long, but they are less than 7 inches. I must have blob soldered something.


I was hoping someone might be able to tell me if there are particular pads that are more likely to cause display issues when soldered poorly. Kokovec mentions the GND pads.

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Most of the pads are easy to do. Some have components on the other side so be careful when drilling the pads and go slow. If you are worried clean up all the excess solder on the board and clean up the contacts with q-tips and cleaner. Re-solder anything that looks dull or broken. Best way to go.


Go here, cuts, for how i drill out my slots before i dremmel. Pretty easy but always star with small hole(s) before you start chewing out some major plastic. You'll always be better off.


Yell if you got any questions!

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I ended up not doing the back drilling. I resoldered a bunch of the pads and the video seems cleaner. Oddly, when playing from ROM the video only looks crappy when there is a cartridge plugged in. With no cartridge the ROM menu and games look perfect.


Thanks for the tips on cutting the slot. I mangled the hole a bit though. I tried to make the hole using a drill, snips, and a utility knife - not pretty. I should have just gone out and bought a dremel. It won't win a beauty contest, but it works. My cart connector is mounted really solidly at least.

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