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Strat-O-Gems Deluxe Label Contest


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Albert said there are still a few more that made the deadline that still have to be posted, so the whole lot isn't up there yet. (Mine apparently squeaked in under the line.)


I didn't read the whole thread either. When it comes to contest entries, I just like to do whatever I want, so I really didn't want to take into account any of the feedback. I figure that if a programmer likes an entry well enough, but wants some elements changed after the contest, then he'll work with the artist to turn it into something he's completely satisfied with. I think of these as more "label concept" contests, than "finished label" contests. But maybe that's just me.

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I think of these as more "label concept" contests, than "finished label" contests. But maybe that's just me.

Not only you. :)


I know my strengths and I know my weak points. And I am definitely no artist. Though I may have some basic ideas, for me it's better to give the artist a lot of room for being creative.


And since now, the results never disappointed me at all. :)

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The game looks so fun--I can't wait to play it; I put it on my x-mas list so I think my gf is preordering it ;-)

I keep checking back to see which label style gets picked for the game, but alas...no word. Is there an official release date set?



Jeff Crouch's label #1 has been selected; we're just working on final adjustments.


As for the game, I'm working on it right now. Wasted a couple hours chasing down a really silly oops, but hopefully it should be ready for another WIP release soon.


In case anyone was wondering, sometimes when trying to track down bugs using Z26's logging facilities, I'll throw in a random store so I can then search the log for it. It'd be better if you could set addresses to start and stop logging, but it's free, so live with it.


Anyway, it helps if the random address one picks doesn't correspond to the RIOT timer... :|

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have submitted labels. Even some of the designs that weren't particularly what I was asking for were very nice, and I was very seriously considering a number of them.


I would say that my five favorites were Jeff Crouch #1, Daryl Litts #1, Nathan Strum #1, Manu Pärssinen #1, and Jason Dvorak #1.


Jeff Crouch's design shows what the game is about, in a dramatic view. Daryl Litts' design is less dramatic, but somewhat more elegant. Nathan Strum's design is visually quite attractive, but I somehow can't imagine the game with smiling gems. Manu Pärssinen's design gets away from the screen-shot notion, but the classical architecture fits nicely with the decorative design of the screen. Jason Dvorak's entry does a nice job of combining the screen-shot notion with a degree of antique elegance.


Some other honorable mentions include Galaxy Warrior's entry #2 which has a very nice treatment of the "Strat-O-Gems" logo and entry #3 which shows a nice variety of gems. Also Luis David Meneses Macchiavello's entry #2 which has a retro look reminiscent of the "Doctor No" opening titles.


Even though I don't get to choose more than one design, I do appreciate the efforts put forth by the contest participants. I hope the final game will be worthy of the efforts.

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Contest Results!


stratogems_cart.jpgThere were many great entries submitted to the Strat-O-Gems Deluxe Label Contest, and it fell on programmer John Payson to choose a single entry from those submitted. After much deliberation, John chose one of Jeff Crouch's designs as the label to grace the shipping version of Strat-O-Gems Deluxe. Jeff's winning label design now appears on all copies of Strat-O-Gems Deluxe sold through the AtariAge Store, including the cover of the manual put together by Tony Morse. You can view Jeff's winning entry here and all of the submissions here. Congratulations to Jeff Crouch and to all the participants who took the time to enter the contest and show off their talents!


Sorry for the delay in posting the results!

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Congrats Jeff! Great-looking label. :thumbsup:



Thanks. I'm happy that my first contest on AtariAge also produced my first win.


My portfolio is actually the bigger winner, since I can add this to the 'published' designs contained within.

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