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FB2 on the Ellen Show

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What's wrong with those women? Are they on drugs or what? :ponder:



You know, I thought the same thing - Why are these women all excited about a FB2? Video Game geeks I would expect excitement not a Ellen fan base. Then I realized that these must be gifts for the audience or something..



I was at an Ellen show last year during her 12 Days of Christmas (Memorable day--that was the same day I found my fiber optic Atari sign in Burbank, CA.) Got some free stuff that day at the show. On shows like hers there are always people behind the cameras motioning for the audience to applaud (and scream) and signs blinking to do so as well.


Those women in the audience are in a rabid frenzy at that show. Music and dancing during commercials. It's filmed in a warehouse-like building and is as cold as one during the winter.


I'm guessing Atari paid for that mention. And since Ellen's show is pretty popular they got their money's worth for it. Video games without blood are pretty popular with mothers for their kids and husbands.

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