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Flashback Quality Control

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Why has there been poor quality control when it comes to the actual solder work in the Flashback units .I just opened another Fb2 Rev B and not only are there globs of solder but also burn marks on the surface of the PC board. Some of the SMD look like they want to fall off the board. When I studied electronics my teacher would have given me an "F" if i'd turn in work like that..........What's the deal?

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No clue...but I just got one, and yes, I actually went 2 days without opening it....I opened it this morning.......and the BW/Color switch is missing(I can hear it rattling around inside the case).....

Back to Wal-Mart for an exchange.


Is it me, or are the joysticks a bit smaller?


Edit: Got a replacement(last one they had, and it was hidden!).....works great!

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