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Me and my sister are happy because of the FB2

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I am originally from Puerto Rico, and I live in CA now. I'm going to Puerto Rico for Christmas, and I asked my mother for a Flashback 2. When I said the words "video game system" she thought I wanted the "system which is very hard to get" (XBox 360). When I told her it was another one and that it only cost $30, she was relieved. She didn't know why I wanted that system since I used to have one. I told her that she knows I gave the one I used to have to the poor a long time ago and I wanted it again. Plus it comes with 40 games. That finally made her agree to my request. She then told my younger sister about it, and since she is addicted to the QVC channel, whe got it from them. So we are all happy. My sister got her fix, and my nieces and nephews won't be the only ones who will be happy this Christmas.


By the way, I'm 40 years old. I feel very young today.

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