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5200: Space Invaders Arcade :)


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Seems only fair the 5200 gets a Space invadres Arcade hack or two. - the 2600 has about ten or twenty now counting hacks, homebrews, and tech demonstrators.


Seems to me that extra 8K could be put to use somewhere, like making the "Play Space Invaders" screen with the invaders screwing around with the letters.

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In this hack, do the invaders still come out from the left side as in the original game, or are they just there like in the original? (Not home so can't try it on an emulator.)


OK, got a look at it. So they still "slide out." That's OK with me. But what happened to the UFO at the top? And the explosion when you get hit doesn't look quite right.

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Maybe changing the bottom to green instead of brown/orange would really put the finishing touches on it. You know the Space Invaders in the 5200 version are actually sideways letters that the coder put into the game as an easter egg.








Changed Colors to white, changed points to be closer to the arcade.

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Ok - when I get some time I will look at:


1) Changing the ground to be green (can't believe I didn't notice that before) :-/

2) Points scored for the mothership.

3) UFO & explosion graphics.


I don't think this adds the 'Wall Of Death', if it wasn't present in the original 5200 game. I didn't really change any play mechanics.



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Lazy Atari recycled the A8 1980 SI for the 5200. Wonder why that vertical row of invaders is stuck on the right-hand side of the intro-screen? The 1982 version strips out the 1980's silly launch ship that lowers those "invaders", yet you can still hear the ship descending at the start of each wave. And Atari couldn't even bother to add the sound of the missile firing - half the atmosphere in my opinion.

Looks like Laser Strike (stedek software) hacked the 1980 SI back to the Arcade graphics long ago. Deluxe Invaders (roklan corp) even added better game play in 1981. If memory allowed I'd like to see a Hi-Res B&W version of SI like in Threshold or a polished up Invaders '91 (A. Edwards).


A.B.S.I.G. x 3

Hacked in the 1980 SI graphics. Same with Laser Strike & Space Blaster.






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Changed the ugly brown bottom. My Win800plus & Kat4.1 color palettes are wildly different so I don't know if the bottom is green or baby blue? Added some original blue back to SI(SB) & added the Deluxe Invaders graphics (sadly not the game play).

(I wonder if CPUWIZ's version fixed the 60 point bug? Glenn "the 5200 man"'s conversion still has the bug.)





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