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Will the Flashback 2.0 work with a PAL TV?

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Hi Lord Chaos.


You *SHOULD* be able to use a travel adapter to power it....the problem lies in the difference in screen sizes between PAL and NTSC. There is a chance it may work, but a chance it may not. It certainly wouldn't hurt to try it(in other words, it won't damage anything).


I would run PAL software on my Amiga, and it would work fine, except that the bottom of the screen was cut off.


On yours, it may show up shrunk on the screen(which would be fine)...or it might flicker like crazy(because it's putting the next frames data at the bottom).


Something else to consider, the travel adapters tend to get hot fairly quickly(within 10-15 minutes)...Do you have a "Saturn" store near you? It might be possible to find a European power supply that will work with it.

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Easy ones....


Just use a standard 9v centre-positive universal adaptor. I'm using a masterplug universal switchmode one that's actually 7.5volts with no probs.


PAL TV - dunno. My guess is it won't work. I have a new (cheap far eastern) TV in the kitchen that will do NTSC, but it's definately NTSC, not PAL-60, as proven on an NTSC C64DTV


My TV that will do PAL-60 (i.e. what all the most recent generation of consoles let you select) only renders the FB2 in kind of fuzzy black and white.


Hope this helps!

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