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Post Holidays check

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I saw one or two at a Target in suburban MD yesterday. I love that little thing, and every time I see it in its original packaging, I smile. Wish they were sold, though.


This Target also seemed to have that silly Midway faux-arcade cabinet in stock. Asking price was still $450. I expected it to be about half that after the holidays, but I'll keep watching. I know it's not the real thing, but I'd love to have one at a drastically reduced price.

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...I have not seen the FB2 at Target yet, but our local WM had 2 left as of yesterday afternoon...matter of fact, I gotta get one for Disney!!

....Since the parks close at dusk (4-5 pm) I'll be playing later in the night!





When we went on my class trip one of my classmates brought his SNES. We had pizza or subs delivered every night and played MK2 and Super Punchout until at least 1am every night. Great plan to bring the FB2!

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I know I can edit my old post, but I did go to the Target in Winter Park (Goldenrod Rd./University Blvd. intersection) and to my utter surprise there were TWO units in stock. I was shocked to see them at Target for the first time, and funnily-enough the title-screen music to "Halo 2" was playing on an Xbox demo unit as I found the FB2 systems in stock (y'know, the whole angelic choir-type song). :rolling: Kinda gave me this whole "a miracle just happened" feeling (being that since October I haven't found a single FB2 at a Target).

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I got a $20 gift card for Gamestop at our office white elephant christmas drawing. The kid at the Game Stop near the office didn't even know what an Atari Flashback was. The Gamestop by my house had one left. I got it today for ten bucks plus the gift card. A good deal, I think!!!!!

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The 2 stores in my area that carried the FB2 (Zellers & EB) are both out of stock and I don't see them getting any more. EB only had 2 of them in the first place so its no wonder they don't have any with only having 2 units to start with but zellers had a shitload and then put them on clearance and now the display area they had up for the FB2 has been replaced with other product so I can only assume Mayor Tecamp has put the By Law back in effect banning them from Brockville..lol..

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Target, BestBuy, and Walmart on the north side (and North Shore area) of Milwaukee were all sold out after Christmas. EBgames here never stocked them, nor did GameStop.


Also - was down in Florida at Disney over my honeymoon (just got back from it), and went to the Virgin Megastore on "Pleasure Island". They were completely sold out as well, and one of the salespeople said they had been sold out for a while, that the stock had gone quick. They were very happy with the product and said it sold *much* better than the FB1.

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I can only assume Mayor Tecamp has put the By Law back in effect banning them from Brockville..lol..

Huh? Who is Mayor Tecamp and what is his by-law?




Are you taking about that Ben Tekamp's super fun health inititive?










Meanwhile in Los Angeles :



Toys R Us here had STACKS of fb1 but not an Fb2 in sight.


I bought an fb2 to give away at christmas from Corey (great labels, guy) but I just couldn't do it. Went back to buy another to give away, but he had sold out so I found one at Best Buy online. Best Buy no longer lists them.

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