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Mega Force


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Yeah, it was a movie that came out in 82.


IMDB Megaforce


I remember seeing it, but can't remember if I liked it or not.


If the movie was any good there would likely be more carts out there for sure. Definately harder to find than MASH. I've only seen one loose and one boxed in the wild. Probably should be at least a 3, maybe a 4.

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The film Megaforce was hyped to be the next Star Wars. It was the "Waterworld" of its day, an embarassingly expensive and public flop for Fox.

I found (and bought) Megaforce on VHS recently, but I've never seen the cart, FWIW. And I have found (and bought) one copy of the MASH cart :)

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Luckly I already have my boxed copy of Megaforce.I agree that it is much harder to come by than MASH.I'm still on the look out for boxed copies of Spacemaster X-7, Crash Dive, Earth Dies Screaming.I've seen them on e(vil)bay, but have not bid agressively enough to win them.

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