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FB2 Compatibility List

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Has anyone started a compatibility list for modded FB2s?


I think it would be of benefit to know exactly which games are having problems, not only for the hobby people who want to play them, but for those working on Rev. C (just in case there are additional bugs that haven't been caught yet).


Here's my list (unfortunately, many of my carts are still missing!)


Pele's Soccer: no problems

Pinball (repackaged Atari Pinball): no problems

Wizard of Wor: no problems

SwordQuest Fireworld: no problems

Pac-Man: no problems

Raiders of the Lost Ark: no problems

Space Invaders: no problems

Defender: no problems

Crystal Castles: display corruption, some blocks never disappear allowing you to rack up thousands of points in seconds and clear levels like mad :)


Towering Inferno: no problems

Word Zapper: no problems


Star Voyager: no problems

Cosmic Ark: starfield corruption, no play problems


Tutankham: playfield corruption, playable

Q-Bert: no problems


Journey: Escape: intro OK; starfield corruption, unplayable (player sprite totally garbled, entire height of screen)


Gas Hog: no problems


Infiltrate: no problems


Space Attack: no problems

Super Challenge Baseball: no problems

Armor Ambush: no problems

BurgerTime: no problems

Astroblast: slight display corruption, playable


Pressure Cooker: no problems

The Activision Decathlon: will not start


I haven't tested my paddle games yet, but they all seem to start (Star Wars: Jedi Arena, Demons to Diamonds)


Of course, many games needed disassembly and contact scrubbing using a rotary tool and a wire brush, but most came to life quickly. I was amazed at just how HUGE the BurgerTime PCB is, with its three enormous ICs on it!


I really wish my parents could find the rest of my games ... I have a silver-label Gravitar, among other goodies (Atlantis, Solaris, Spider Fighter, Enduro ... the list goes on and on...)


Please post your success/failure stories.

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The Activision Decathlon: will not start



Is Decathlon based on FE bankswitching? Does accessing $01FE by itself switch to the same bank or opposite bank as accessing $01FE immediately followed by $01FF?


I wonder if the FB2 doesn't keep addresses on its bus for a full cycle the way the 6507 does? If so, that would break the SuperCharger and my 4A50 cart.

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I managed to nab some more games at the local Value Village:


Solaris - no problems :cool:

Lock 'n Chase - no problems

California Games - no problems

Dark Cavern - no problems

Bermuda Triangle - no problems

Activision Tennis - no problems

Midnight Magic - no problems


Stargate - will not start :(

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I can also confirm that it works. Just a few minor graphical blurps when the pod is near a fuel tank.

That should come from the flicker then.



it is short horizontal white lines that can briefly flash above or below the fuel when the pod is horizontal to it.

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