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Items for Atari 2600 manufactured in Brazil

Sr. Ferraz

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Hello my friends of the AtariAge.

I am a serious collector and my idea is to place here some information about the products manufactured in Brazil for Atari 2600.

I wait that all of the community also contribute with information.

Sorry, my English is not perfect. :woozy:

I go to place here information, images of scanner, photos and propagandas (announcements) of magazines of 80's (of Brazil).

Contributions are welcome.

I am not always connected in the AtariAge.

I wait that all appreciate.

I only have some things, ok?

The name of the game that I inform is the original written in the cartridge.

Some manufacturers of cartridges of Atari in Brazil existed. Many made cartridges with some names and labels. Some made with variations of labels and the plastic boxes.

They made cartridges with 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 games. Some have keys to select the games, others the game change when off/on the console (Power). Selection through the "touch" of the fingers in a small surface also exists.


I go to initiate with two similar items to the "Starpath Supercharger"(Stella).

The program of three in cassette tapes is different. (they are not compatible)

All function reading a cassette tape.

The Supercharger manufactured for the company "Canal 3" (Supercharger by Canal 3) has the similar plastic box to the "Starpath". The Supercharger manufactured for the company "Splice" (Comp-K7) has the different plastic box.

In the "Supercharger by Canal 3" when the console is set ON appears in the TV the same image of the "Starpath" (Rewind tape/Press play).

In the "Comp-K7" when the console is set ON appears in the TV the image of the "Comp-k7/a-1983" and some notes of music "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind".

In the "Supercharger by Canal 3" appears in TV the image "CANAL 3" in the games "Frostbite" and "Keystone Kapers".

In the "Comp-k7" it appears in TV the image "CompK7" in game "River Raid".

One interesting detail in the game "River Raid": in the image of TV does not appear FUEL, it appears COMB ("combustivel" in Portuguese).

Another one: in the indication of the fuel it does not appear (E-1/2-F), appears (V-1/2-C). In Portuguese "V" (vazio) and "C" (cheio).

The "Comp-K7" has the same label in the two sides. (it has only great label)

The box of the "Comp-K7" is not original, I made it to keep.

I made a new label for the box of the Comp-K7, now 'seem' the original (see photo).

The images of the tapes (Comp-K7) are courtesy of my friend Leandro.

I added some pictures with lots of tapes of the "Supercharger by Canal 3", three of them are from an auction.


## Splice Comp-K7 games (order by number):


* 2 in 1:


> River Raid / Boliche

> Pitfall / Megamania


* One game:


> Monkey Dong

> Homem Aranha

> Invasores

> Corre Corre

> Paraquedista

> Volei

> Defender

> Ratoeira

> Berzec

> Xadrez

> Zorf

> Tiro ao Alvo

> Panico Cosmico

> Esqui

> Enduro

> Comboio

> Hospital de Campanha

> Pega Ladrão

> Resgate Submarino

> Comilão

> Futebol

> Tenis

> Revolta no Cosmos

> Basquete

> Trom

> Flipers

> Patrulha Planetária

> Come-Doce

> Viagem Fantástica

> Grande Premio

> Boxe

> Lanche Rápido

> Sapão

> Arrancada

> Tubarão

> Oinc!

> Pescaria

> Fuga de Argos




:arrow: :arrow: :arrow:



*** Index (Summary) of this topic ***


* PAGE 1


- Canal 3 (Supercharger by Canal 3)

- Splice (Comp-K7)

- Tiger Vision

- Tron (part 1)

- Rentacom

- Video Jogo (gold label)


- Atarimania

- Cart with a 'Target' figure


* PAGE 2


- Video Arte

- Dactar (one cart)

- Microdigital 'Onyx Junior' (one cart)

- Ocean Game

- Tecnogame

- Fantastic Game

- Jo Game

- Digivision


- JVP (one cart)

- ADS (announcements) from magazines


* PAGE 3


- ADS (announcements) from magazines

- J.F.

- Tecmagic

- Zirok


* PAGE 4


- VGS (one cart)

- Greek Games

- Ca & aC

- Cromax

- Video Tiger

- JVG Video Computer Sistem

- Star Game

- Game Action

- Data Vision

- Wingames

- Vortex Games

- Argevision

- Supergame

- Arte Vision (Video Arte, Video Arte Club)

- Joysticks

- Milmar 'Memory Game' console and instructions


* PAGE 5


- Joysticks, Paddles

- Video Game Guia magazine

- ADS (announcements)


* PAGE 6


- Videomagia

- Jogos Eletronicos


- POP Video

- BAC Game Programe

- Cartucho Reprogramável

- Wide Vision

- Video Game

- Special Game

- Joystik

- Dynacom MegaBoy

- Dynacom (some carts)


- Polyvox Atari 2600 complete in box

- Polyvox Catalogue of Games

- VideoMac

- Soft Vision

- Play Video

- Conectivision

- Engesoft

- Cosmovision

- Auto Game

- Top Game

- Vídeo Game (another)


* PAGE 7


- Tron (part 2)

- Mega

- Data Company

- Game Program by Cello's

- Programa de Jogo Eletronico - VCS

- Shock Vision

- Microdigital 'Onyx Junior' console complete with box

- Imagic ('Imagic International Games' )

- Dinatronic

- Vid Game

- Video Game (another)


* PAGE 8



- Rainbow Software

- Cartucho Programa

- Game Show


* PAGE 9


- MaxGames

- Videospot

- Demon Video

- Game Mania

- Micro Play

- Video Jogo (another)

- SN Games

- Teka Video

- Polyvox model 2600 S console


* PAGE 10


- Joysticks, Dynacom Basic Keyboard

- Digimax

- Copy Game


- Conector (Prom, NTDE, Fantastic Game)

- Polygame

- Dinamivision


* PAGE 11


- DataSoft

- Canal 3 (Supercharger by Canal 3) - Tapes and instructions

- Gran Match

- Digitel


* PAGE 12


- Supercharger by VGS (Game Charger VGS)

- Game - TV Computer System

- Copy Game - ADS and more pictures


* PAGE 13


- Dactar images from TV (Sexta-Feira 13 = Halloween)


* PAGE 14



- Some images of carts: Dynacom, Argevision, Dactar, Cosmovision, Polyvox, Supergame, JVP, DataSoft, VGS, Video Jogo (gold label) & Videospot


* PAGE 15


- Some pictures of the carts CCE color label

- Multi Game 4 in 1 and images of other carts

- Supercharger by VGS (Game Charger VGS) - Instructions (tapes)


* PAGE 16



- ActionGames

- Play Vision

- PC

- Video Game Club

- Teen

- VideoGames & Computer Entertainment

- Dactari cart image

- Robby


* PAGE 17


- Miragem

- Milmar "Dactari, Dactar and Apple Vision" (part 1)

- Video Venture

- Multicart 512 in 1

- Cosmos Video Club


* PAGE 18


- Milmar "Dactari, Dactar and Apple Vision" (part 2)

- Technotron

- J.J. Game

- 'Galaxi' Video Game

- Prom & 'Jogos Eletronicos' images

- SpaceGame


* PAGE 19


- "Lazer RDZ"

- Sportive Games

- Mac Video Game

- Video Grow

- Atari Mania

- Hobby Accessory

- War Games

- FF Games

- "Icaraí Vídeo Club"


* PAGE 20


- Genus

- Hawai Video Game

- Little Game

- ZGames


* PAGE 21


- CCE (part 1)

- Video Jogo Top Game


* PAGE 22


- Dactar console "Gincana da Nota Fiscal"

- CompuGame (basic keyboard)

- CCE (part 2)

- Dynacom (Videogame)

- Microdigital 'Onyx Junior'

- Canal 3 (Intellivision) images

- Dismac

- Cart and instructions from cart by VGS


* PAGE 23


- Fotomania

- Scans from JVP, Video Arte and Video Jogo

- Ditron Game

- Video Games

- Key Vision

- Splice Vision

- Polyvox


* PAGE 24


- Polyvox


* PAGE 25


- Polyvox

- 'Cases' for Atari 2600


* PAGE 26


- Micro Mania

- Some other carts


* PAGE 27


- Alpha Game

- Comp-K7 tapes


* PAGE 28


- Comp-K7 tapes

- 'Telegame' by Embracom

- PRIVÉ Video Game Clube

- CompuGame (picture)

- Micro Mania


* PAGE 29


- Lot of carts by Vid Game

- Console "Atari Eletronica Ltda"


* PAGE 30


- Console "Robby Game"


* PAGE 31


- Video Game GALACTICA

- Video Game SPIEL

- Ulog

- "Multi Game" (Tabra Informatica Ltda)


- First console with name "Milmar"

- 'Ball-type handle' for joystick

- Console "Dactari" manufactured by "Sayfi Computadores"


* Page 32


- "Splice Vision" cartridges

- "Atari Eletronica" (more images)

- 'CCE'

- Ultra Vision

- 'Video Game' (other manufacturer)

- Polyvox "Megamania" instructions

- "ADVENTURE International Games"

- "Fotomania" ADS

- Bit Eletronica



























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The cartridges "Tiger Vision" have as name of the manufacturer the firm "ERAM". It has a detail in the plastic box of the cartridge in both the sides to facilitate the withdrawal of the cartridge of console.

It has three labels with all writing in English. I know four types of rear label (two colors).

In two models exists the indication "Made In Brazil". It has some models of front label.

Some carts with "For Exports" in blue color has games with the name of manufacturer "JVP". (in TV)

In the games "Demon Attack", "Megamania" and "Pitfal!" appears in the image of the TV "ERAM".



* One game:


>> Amidar

> Bob"s Going To Home

> Boxing

>> Chopper Command

>> Condor Attack

> Demon Attack

> Frogger

> Grand Prix

> Jungle Hunt

> Megamania

> Pac Man (see photo with black box)

> Pengo

> Pitfal!

>> Planet Patrol

> R Hero

> River Raid (different label )

> Seaquest (with box)

> Space Invaders (white label)

> Tennis

>> Towering Inferno

> X-Man (with box)


* 2 in 1:


> Moon Patrol / Smurf



* 4 in 1:


> Enduro / River Raid / Seaquest / Pac Man

> Football / Pitfall / Enduro / K. Kapers

> Name is Game / Flogs & Flies / Grand Prix / Futebol

> Tennis / Donkey Kong / Soccer / Volley Ball


Suggestions and opinions are appreciated.

Below I placed some photos and scans of them.















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Sr.Ferraz once again I am in your debt. This is a wealth of valuable information that has filled in some of the many gaps left within the Atari collecting world. Could you tell us a little more about the Comp K-7 games as there is very little information available on line. That is one hell of a fantastic collection. Hope you take very, very good care of it. Thank you for sharing ;)

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The cartridges of "Tron" normally have the detail in "T" in the superior part.

The manufacturer "Tron" also has cartridges with normal plastic box. (great label)

In game "River Raid" the image of TV does not appear FUEL, it appears COMB ("combustivel" in Portuguese). The indication of the fuel it does not appear (E-1/2-F), appears (R-1/2-C). In Portuguese "R" (reserva) and "C" (cheio).

I have fifteen different cartridges of "Tron", two do not have label (Hero & Megamania)

-Cartridges with normal plastic box:


> Basic Criative (*Basic Programming)

> Enduro

> Pitfall

>> River Raid

>> Megamania


-Cartridges "T":


> Battle Zone (complete)

> Donkey Kong Jr.

> Enduro (manual)

> Keystone Kappers

> Mario Bros.

> Moon Patrol

> O Feiticeiro (*Sorcerer's Apprentice)

> Phoenix

> Pitfall (complete)

> River Raid

> Seaquest

> Super Tennis (*RealSports Tennis)((complete)

> Zaxxon


The boxes are identical, the difference is the color and label with the name of the game.

I preserve the boxes sealed with plastic (no game), I open the "Super Tennis" for photo.

**Other games of "Tron": Hero, Megamania, Jungle Hunt, Pole Position, Smurf ("T").

A friend Leanfro has the game "River Raid" with the normal plastic box (great). I add the photo.

Later I go to place scans of cartridges.















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Hello my friends,

I am happy that they are liking. My idea is to help the community.

Who has images or information of other cartridges places here for all users.

The manufacturer 'Splice' also manufactured cartridges for Atari 2600. TomBrazil informed me that he has one with the name "Splice Vision" and the game "River Raid".

The Splice also manufactured a console clone of the Colecovision, the name was "Splice Vision".

I do not have more information about the "Comp-K7", later I can place images of the screen of the TV. I only have this cassette with two games.

The measures of the "Comp-K7" are: 12 x 8,1 x 2 cm

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Hello Sr. Ferraz! This stuff is amazing. I love to see pictures of stuff that is not "readily available" to us here in the US. Excellent pictures, I also would like to see this stuff added to the database here on atariage.


BTW for anyone wondering, I've dealt with Sr. Ferraz on ebay in the past and everything went smoothly. Great buyer & es muy simpatico!

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The items that I am placing here are not manufactured have 16 ~ 22 years.

I placed images from TV with the games 'Demon Attack' & 'Pitfal' of the cartridges "Tiger Vision" (appears the name "ERAM" in the screen), the image of the game 'River Raid' of "Tron" (sees the differences in the screen).

I also placed some images of the Supercharger manufactured for the company "Canal 3" and "Splice" (Comp-K7).

Photos from TV images can have problems (horizontal lines in the screen).

This occurred when I was "to load" games with the two devices.

In the "Supercharger by canal 3" appears the initial image, green screen, blue screen, pink screen and later a sequence of blue vertical lines it goes appearing until being all blue screen. After this appears the screen of the game.

During the "load" of the game it has signals of audio.

In the "Comp-K7" appears the initial image, blue screen, beige screen, green screen, beige screen ......... green screen, beige screen and the screen of the game.

During the "load" of the game it has signals of audio.

The colors modify very fast for photos, simulated some colors in the photos below.

The company "Canal 3" also manufactured cartridges for Atari 2600.

Games of "Canal 3": Frostbite & Keystone Kapers.

Games of "Splice" Comp-K7: River Raid (sees the differences in the screen).











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Awesome pictures, Sr. Ferraz!


Thank you for posting your Tron Collection and much more.  :lust:


I know you have a lot of good treasures in your collection that you can share with us here.



Hello my friend !

I was happy that you liked.

You are a very considerate person, a great friend in U.S.A. ! :)

Thank you very much for everything !



Hello Sr. Ferraz! This stuff is amazing. I love to see pictures of stuff that is not "readily available" to us here in the US. Excellent pictures, I also would like to see this stuff added to the database here on atariage.


BTW for anyone wondering, I've dealt with Sr. Ferraz on ebay in the past and everything went smoothly. Great buyer & es muy simpatico!



Dear friend,

My desire is add more information about the "old" and "immortal" Atari 2600.

I wait that you likes.

It was a pleasure to negotiate with you in Ebay.

Thank you !

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The cartridges "Rentacom" that I know have one, two or four games. The cartridge of two or four games has a key(s) in the lateral.

In the cartridge that has the game "Lady in Wading" label of the front has the red color and not black/gray colors in the detail.

The game "Moon Patrol" has in the initial screen from TV the name "Rentacom" in image.

In the games "Hero" and "Snoopy" the screen from TV always appears the name "Rentacom" in image.

In the initial screen of the game 'Robot Tank' appears in TV "Robot Tank >> Rentacom". In the game appears "Rentacom".

The paper of warranty is simple and small.

# Games:


* 4 in 1:

> Super Tennis / Snoopy / Smurf / Ms. Pac-Man

> Buck Rogers / Battlezone / Robot Tank / Gremlins

> Chuck Norris / Zaxxon / Blue Print / Private Eye

> Chuck Norys / Star Trek / Solar Fox / Roc'n Rope

> Centipede / Galaxian / Pigs in Space / Snoopy

>> Enduro / River Raid / Space Invaders / Grand Prix

>> Super Soccer / Phoenix / Hero / Super Tennis


* 2 in 1:

> Trickshot / Soccer

> Moon Patrol / Hero

> Smurf Rescue / Snoopy

> Centipede / Galaxian

> Seaquest / River Raid

> Megamania / Spider Fighter

> Mouse Trap / Mr. Postman

> Keystone Kapers / Enduro

> Command Raid / Flash Gordon

> Atlantis / Cosmic Ark


* One game:

> Air Raiders

> Air Sea Battle (no end label)

> Enduro

> Front Line

> Keystone Kapers

> Krull

> Lady In Wading

> Montezuma's Revenge

> River Raid

> Roc'n Rope

> Super Tennis

> Zaxxon


The box is simple and small, of the same size of cartridge.













Edited by Sr. Ferraz
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Cool stuff! Apparently, you're able to convince more people that PAL is great than I can :D


One question:




Is that an original box? I had only seen a cardboard box for the Splice supercharger untill today.




Edited by Marco
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One question:




Is that an original box? I had only seen a cardboard box for the Splice supercharger untill today.



The box of the "Comp-K7" is not original, I made it to keep.




Thank you, I really informed before that the box is not original.

Marco, do you have the box and the original manual of the "Comp-K7"?

Places (post) the images here. (scans & photos)

I made the boxes of both with total internal protection for them. I used a box of VHS tape in the "Comp-K7". The original boxes normally do not have protection.

More photos of them:




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As I said before some manufacturers placed different labels in cartridges, some times also with different name.

Some manufacturers existed who also rented cartridges of games. Some store could play themselves and talk about games.

They had store that they placed label with their name in top or the place of original label of the manufacturer and sale the cartridges.

This cartridge is interesting therefore the size is small (7,8 x 7,8 cm) and has plastic box with different colors.

Another detail: it has four different labels and the circuit plate (board) already is with the two "bolts" (end).

The small boxes where they come are e in plastic.

They are four labels: "Video Jogo" (gold label), "VCS", "Atarimania" (not "Atari Mania") and an image with a 'target' figure.

Label with logo of Atari is not original, I made.

Name "VCS" exists in another cartridge with normal size (different manufacturer?)

In the game "Keystone Kapers" appears in the screen from TV the name "VideoMania" in one of the cartridges. Also it appears in the game "River Raid" in one of the cartridges.

I only have the games:


> Atlantis

> Basketball ("Video Jogo" gold label)

> Crack Pots

> Enduro

> Frogger ("Video Jogo" gold label)

> Keystone Kapers (or "Kaper" in another one)

> Lost Luggage

> Missele Command

> No Scape

> Pac Man

> River Raid

> Seaquest

> Tenis

>> Zaxxon ("Atarimania")















Edited by Sr. Ferraz
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Sr. Ferraz,


Thanks for the pictures.


I have a question:


Which titles belong to which manufacturers?





Dear Rom,

Thank you for interest.

I don't know which original label of two that they are with Atari logo.

The others are:


> "Video Jogo": Enduro, Keystone Kaper (*), Keystone Kapers (*), Pac Man and River raid.

> "VCS": Tenis.

> "Atarimania": Crack Pots, Lost Luggage, Missele Command and River Raid.

> "Target figure": Atlantis, Enduro and Seaquest.

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Thanks, Sr. Ferraz.


Please correct me if I'm wrong:


Is Keystone Kappers the orange cartridge without label?


Is No Scape a Video Jogo title?


To which manufacturer belongs the orange River Raid?


In the picture I see three Atarimania carts, but you mention four titles (what I mean is: to which manufacturer belongs Crack Pots?).


Thanks again!



Edited by Rom Hunter
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