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Hey, everyone. This is my first post in the Atari 2600 Atariage forums. I downloaded batari basic, and I'm working on my first game, which is weird, since I know very little about even the "basic" programming language. I made a few programs on my TI-84, but that's about it. I'm kind of teaching myself. And, so I have a few questions.

* number 1: How do I make a sprite (i.e. player1, missile0, etc.) move by itself, or is that possible in batari basic

* number 2: How is batari basic different from basic, which leads to question #3

* number 3: Is there any web tutorials on basic, (if applicable)

Note that I know little about programming 2600 games; I know a lot about playing them, etc.


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SeaGtGruff is working on a tutorial that he is posting in this forum section by section. Most of your questions will be answered there eventually.


If you can't wait, take a look through this forum. You will find code from games and experiments and all kinds of discussions on various things related to batari Basic.

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Okay, I hate to admit it, but I'm stuck already... :(


I've d/l'ed the various tools to use batariBASIC, put them all near each other on the hard drive (C: ATARI_DRIVE). I found at the SemiOfficial bB page some source code etc. So far, so good.


Well, after one successful "build" of the sample program, I can't get anything else to work. I'm using WinXP, and trying to go through the 2600 DEVKIT. XP appears to choke out all the dos windows. When I send something to Assemble, I get a flash on the screen (looks like a DOS window), then right back to XP...


I tried Ctrl-Alt-Del and it doesn't show any extra things running... yet it refuses to let me see the DOS-style windows. Is there a control panel I should adjust? Kill XP and go back to 98SE? Oy!


-Thanks In Advance,


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You have to compile your programs using DOS. Try looking under accessories for Command Prompt. After you find it, you need to change your directory in the command prompt so that you're in the same directory as the one you stored all the Batari stuff in. Try this:




if that's the directory where you have your Batari stuff in.

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2600land, it looks like, from what I can gather, that moving each sprite is possible, but we will have to wait for the rest of the tutorial. I've only just started to learn (research?) the 2600 and the 6502. I hope to get somewhere soon. I am hoping that batariBASIC can help me get there.


By the way, what is the TI-84? Is that before or after the 99/4a? I know a guy (who knows a guy who knew a dude who might have known a person) who was 'seriously' into the TI99/4A.


><> RedBeard

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