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Problem using Bit Hacker...

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I am using Bit Hacker to edit the GFX of Custer's Revenge (LONG story, don't ask... it's an inside joke for my friends... :ponder:) and every time I make even the TINEST of edits and save it, Stella and Z26 refuse to play it and crash. I started off editing "MYSTIQUE" into "RADIOF*2006$" (Dollar sign is the Radio F logo).


I am saving it as a BIN file, and I even tried just renaming the original to see if it was the name messing it up. It wasn't. To contest, I scribbled on the GFX of Space Invaders and it worked fine when I booted up the modified version. So... did Mystique like, NOT want people to start making jokes with their games or am I just a total idiot and I'm missing something real small?


I am kinda figuring it's the latter, since I haven't modified anything in over a year.


Thanks. :)



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I tried to change Custer's Revenge using both Bithacker and Showgfx. And you're right--even the slightest changes stops the game cold.


However, Atari Troll was able to hack the game and make Custer's Viagra.


I think that there is a checksum process in the game to prevent pirate copies. Do they do that for Atari 2600 games? I don't know. I'm guessing that Atari Troll got someone like Nukey Shay to stop a checksum process or something like that.


Maybe you can ask him?

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