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Flashback 2 questions- HELP!

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Also, the original FB2 had Wizard, plus Activision's Pitfall and River Raid. The FB2+ has no Wizard nor Activision games, but more Atari games.




Which ones?


I'm pretty sure they added Double Dribble, RealSports Baseball, and a few others. I'll have to do a search and get back to you. I no longer have my FB2 , but still have the 2+, so I can't compare the systems anymore. I'll find the info. Merry Christmas by the way. :)


I bet Double Dribble for Atari is waaaay better than the nes one.

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Hi there

from Milano, Italy

FB2 was not released to Europe.

can you suggest where to order it, new ? better if a PAL (canadian) version to to run on old tvsets I use for old systems.

Thanks for yr. help



Hi Max,


There is no PAL version of the FB2 (Canada is also NTSC), and the FB2 has been sold-out for some time. Your best bet for obtaining one is the Marketplace forum on this site.



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