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How much did you pay for the last game you bought?

Rhindle The Red

How much did you pay for the last game you bought?  

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  1. 1. How much did you pay for the last game you bought?

    • $.01 - $4.99
    • $5.00 - $9.99
    • $10.00 - $19.99
    • $20.00 - $39.99
    • $40.00 - $59.99
    • $60 +

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The last set of games I got was like this:


$40 game = Which I set out to buy


$50 game = which I had wanted, and purchased because the opportunity presented itself.


$30 game = which was a complete impulse buy.


So, I answered $20 - $39.99 based on the last game of the batch I picked up on my way out of the store.

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since the beginning of 2006:


PS2 - Destroy All Humans ($17.99 new at Meijer); Viewtiful Joe 2 and RTX Red Rock, new for $2.44 each (yeah, that ain't a typo) at Sam Goody

DS - Sprung ($8 at Sam Goody); Feel the Magic ($8 at TRU)

GBA SP - Atari Anniversary ($10, ebay)

PC - TRON 2.0 ($3.50, new, on amazon.com - gotta love buying older titles); Stubbs the Zombie ($20 new at Media Play, which has gone out of business)

2600 - various games in lots, mostly boxed stuff...finally got a Sears Adventure

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Atari 2600 Frostbite $2.99


I try to buy huge lots... and pay .60 cents each... I dont know where I came up with this number... but it seems to be the average I pay for most carts... I have gotten a few 4, 5, & 6's that way.... I'm sure I'll end up paying more as my collection continues to grow... Unless anyone wants to donate some rare ones to me?... :ponder: NO??? Hmmm.. well can't blame a gal for askin'... ;)


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$50 for a copy of Game Paradise for Sega Saturn ("Gakuraku Pack" with the anime VHS included) on ebay. Before that it was used copies of DJ Boy and Beyond Oasis for Genesis, three bucks each.

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