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Pac Pollux 5200


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Hey All,


Pac Pollux 5200 is now completed. I now have 10 carts for sale of this game and also not no more will be made aside from this run of carts, they will also be numbered. Orders are being taken for this package. The package will be $26 USD Shipped to anywhere in the World VIA ground mail. (For Air Mail Add $2). Package includes Pac Pollux 5200 cart with High Gloss label, 2x Controller Overlays & Game Manual.








(Pac Pollux Cart, 2 x Color Overlays & Game Manual)


























Cheers & Enjoy!!


Shawn Sr.

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:( no 5200 emulator for me~



Any chance of a screen shot soon?


keeping my eye on this version to complete the trilogy :)



Notmuch to look at yet any how diggs, So you not missing anyhitng *yet*. It's just the ghosts have been changed to Master Dieu and the maze walls are now white. Gonna make the dots into plums today too!! (Change from yellow to purple) and start work on the Animated cut scenes.


Shawn Sr.

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New version.7 for DL now. Just a few things to work out and then it should be done. Screens also up for those that can't use EMUs.


If at all possible I would like to take some what of an intrest check so I know roughly how many carts to make. I was gonna make 10 of them, Should that be enough? It will come with color manual and maybe a patch depending on the pricing I get form the local seamstress. Is there anyone that the patch would make or break wanting this game?? Also any comments or constructive critisism would be appricated.

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Im interested in a copy patch or no patch!Any idea what your going to be looking at for price as of yet?



No more than $25 dollars, that is unless I'm able to get boxes? Do you guys think a box is worthy of a 7 to 10 dollar increase in price of the game?? Cause that is close to the minimum cost per unit to get a small run of boxes made up for this game, depending on box style, ect. I don't want to shy people away with to high a price and I also could care less about boxes myself cause you can't plug a cardboard box into the ATARI and expect a game on the screen right?


If I hear enough intrest in having a box for this game and that people don't mind the extra bucks for the box then I'll pretty much for sure make boxes, but if it's not a common consenses to have a box then cart & Manual (maybe patch) would be the way I would go cause in all reality and to put it blunt I don't have the cash to spend on extra's no one actually wants.

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