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Question on minor label variations


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First thing, I want to apologize if these are stupid questions.


I'm trimming my collection down and removing most label variations, keeping the rarer version, and had questions about a few of them since I don't see any distinction listed in the rarity guide. None of these are rare games but I was wondering if one version was slightly rarer than the other


Atari Asteroids picture label - Same end label font but one is thicker than the other. The thicker one is a little lighter blue also but this may be due to fading.


Activision Barnstorming - One has a colored sky the other is white. The scores are the same on both. [edit] Actually on second inspection one is very colored (plane, barn, ground, windmill) the other is only 4 colors (white, black, green, red)


Atari Combat text label - one has a mat finish and the other has a gloss finish.


M. Networks Dark Cavern - one copyright states 1982 Korea the other 1982 U.S.A.


Atari Missile Command Picture Label - one has the name in upper case the other lower case on both labels


Like I said none of these are rare by any means I was just wondering if anyone knew if one was slightly rarer than the other.




Atari Video Pinball picture label - one has the name in upper case the other lower case on the end label only

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