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When Do Homebrews "earn" Rarity?


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I just really hope my homebrews will never become "victims" of adventurers.


BTW: Isn't Hozer still in production? AFAIK he will make any cart you ask for, even those he definitely is not allowed to. So all Hozer releases would be still get a 'H' and have no rarity at all.

Hi Thomas

right so,all Hozers have no rarity.

greetings Walter

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Well, here's the thing about homebrews (and hacks and re-releases, for that matter). Since the PCB's aren't being produced directly, anymore for Atari 2600 carts, newer carts are all built from donated (in other words cannibalized) components from older carts (including the plastic cover, etc). These aren't officially published, and with today's technology, anyone can reporoduce umpteen million copies of Man Goes Down, provided they have the (fairly) inexpensive equipment to burn a binary to a new EPROM, the fairly simple knowhow to desolder and replace the old chip, a good quality color laser printer for the labels, and a can of spray adhesive. That's it. No difference between me doing that at home and an "official" company doing this. So long as the binaries match (not difficult to find an exact match), the source image files for the labels, manuals, and boxes match 9again, easily found for these titles), and the person constructing the cart works slowly, cleanly, and efficiently, the end result is identical. Because of that capacity to reproduce potentially infinite numbers of a title (provided donor carts don't run out), their "rarity" is non-existent, hence the rating guides here at Atariage. Rarity applies only to the original titles, since those were mass produced on machinery in the 70's and 80's. Their boxes, manuals, labels, and general construction of the carts are all obviously machine made, the PCB's themselves were generally unique to the game, and replicating this exactly (for purposes of counterfeiting) is pretty tough. That's why their rarity ratings still apply for collecting purposes.

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Rarity NOW might take only manufactured carts in the 70's and 80's but Albert could quit producing at a whim. The technology could change yet again in homebrew cart manufacture including recent trends in 3D printing.


Rarity and demand is a fickle thing. Hozer may be in demand decades from now FOR his reputation and craftsmanship.

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