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What is your favorite 2600 Space Invaders type shooter?

Rhindle The Red

What is your favorite 2600 Space Invaders type shooter?  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite 2600 Space Invaders type shooter?

    • Beamrider
    • Communist Mutants From Space
    • Deadly Duck
    • Demon Attack
    • Galaxian
    • Gorf
    • Guardian
    • INV / INV+
    • Megamania
    • Phoenix
    • Space Instigators
    • Space Invaders
    • Spider Fighter
    • Other (specify)
    • Hack (specify)
    • 0
    • 0
    • 0
    • 0
    • 0

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Beamrider is by far the best game of all listed. However, it isn't a Space Invaders style shooter.


The best Space Invaders style shooter for the 2600 is Nukey Shay's Space Invaders Deluxe 8k hack.


Try it out for yourself. The newest bin file is at the end of the thread.



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I voted for Communist Mutants From Space. What impressed me the most about this game was the ability to change game options on screen to tweak the difficulty level.


Demon Attack would be second, probably only because (and the designer acknowledged this) the difficulty peaks somewhat early. A great game nonetheless..........



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Ooh, tricky. REAL close call between INV+ and Galaxian. Although INV, imho, plays better than the original Space Invaders arcade, I'll have to go for Galaxian because It's such a brilliant game. Namco took Taito's idea and refined it to perfection, and the 2600 version is stylish, colourful and well paced.

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I voted for Galaxian because when I became re-interested in the 2600 (circa 1993), it's the first game that made me think I'd really "missed something" back in the day. If I may relate a story...


I was chatting with a guy at Radio Shack about the 2600. He mentioned that he didn't use his much, but he happened to mention that Galaxian was a great game. I couldn't believe that Galaxian could possibly be done well on the 2600--back in the day I'd imagined what it might look like (pretty feeble, with space invaders turning upside down to charge). Later, when I was getting re-interested in the 2600, I figured that Galaxian would have to use flicker to show an invader falling in front of a row of six aliens. There aren't enough player sprites to do otherwise.


Getting SEVEN aliens per line, plus a charging invader, without flicker, was something I never would have guessed to be possible.

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i was first going to vote space invaders, but changed my mind and picked hack for pepsi invaders/coke wins. i can play space invaders all night long, so it's not a challenge. but coke wins /pepsi invaders is a challenge in seeing how high of a score you can get. i wonder what's the highest score anyone's ever gotten on that game....



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