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What motivates you (to design labels for contests)?

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Looking back at previous contests, it's clear that the number of entries varies quite a lot.


For instance, Beef Drop had only 19, while Qb had over a hundred entries!


What motivates you to enter a label contest?


The platform (Hmm, this 2600 thing seems popular...)? The game genre? The prizes? The competitors? The game itself (playing the ROM)?

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I happened to stummble across this unanswered tread. Anyway, I'll supply here for you the late, great, first answer to the question which I think needs to be retitled: 'What Motivates Contest Submittions?' -Now that there is a "Medieval Mayhem Contest" that started yesterday-- perhaps the replys will come!

For me, it's the creativity involved. To see how other people's ideas share in the same vision of one's dream project at it's final completeion --esspecially when it's a homebrew with your contribution immortalized in it! A label contest like MM don't frequent either! :D

I'm looking forward to see how many talented individuals will compete and how different the entries will look like! ;)

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For me it's born out of the love for the harmony between illustration and the pixel... vintage atari game artwork is a fantastic example of the handshake between traditional illustration and 'the future': pixels.


I love retro technology too, Atari of course, and collaborative creativity. Good enough reasons, methinks?

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