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Vulcano 1k - my minigame entry

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here it is.... my minigame 2006 entry. can you please playtest it, feedback etc...


"out of sudden the vulcano near to your hometown errupts and throws his pieces towards your city... now your mission is to rescue as many man as you can with your ambulance. hurry to pick them up and bring them back but becarefull not to hit any of the burning stones. you can cover below the skyscrapers but they will not last forever!"


each game is started by pressing START. it works on PAL/NTSC machines.


any feedback welcome... esp. bugs, suggestions...or even small soundroutines as they are missing at the moment... but you have 1 byte left... ;)


its really...really hard to code a 1k game...


have fun...


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In my real NTSC Atari 130XE works fine, but I think 2 thing to adjust:


- I can see only bottom half of Score, only need 8 pixels down.

- Just in the middle of screen the last line of rainbow colors, is not stable. Flickering a low.

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Version with sound is much better. Noise that comes out of the speaker sounds like boiling lava :) .

I have a question. Flickering of the rainbow is a some kind of bug or it was designed to behave in that way? I run it on emulator only.

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Allas (and other NTSC users as well)


can you please double check this version? now the score line should be more readable.


and i have included a non-interlace version where atari800win is not able to reproduce the effect correctly (which my one does...)


the non interlace version is not packed right now but i am not sure at the moment if i will include that in the compo as well...


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