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Hi, here's what I've found so far:


Designers Tools - Callisto PD20

Boot this with basic and it loads a menu.

Contains some PM tools but they're not to useful.

Has a nice 'Create-a-Font' program by Vince Erceg.


Programmers Pack by Jeff Davis

Soft Shaper & VSPC (Vertical Scrolling Playfield Creator)

Very nice presentation with these tools.

Anyone know more about the author?


I think there could be an additional disk for the "Programmers Pack"

in the loft and so I'll fish that down tomorrow, it may contain a

Player/Missle editor.


The other disk was an APX "Developer's Disk" (20034)

though this doesn't look to have anything relevent on.





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Indeed, the other disk does contain a P/M editor called 'Genesis'

along with a 'Melody Maker' on the other side. The P/M editor

is just what you want, i.e. permits animations.


Downside is that the disk is protected and so I'll need to crack

(or have cracked) the protection to make an ATR image,

so I've included a PRO and ATX (Vapi) image for anyone

to tinker with. But there is also an A800WinPLus4 save state

that can be used in the emulator.


The whole suite comes in a pack called "Programmer's Pack"

and has © SOFTSCAN on the cover. This was a company

based in Hereford in the UK. There are 8 pages of instructions

in the pack too so I could scan those if required.





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Is there a good player-missile graphics editor out there that supports combining players etc for multiple colours? I'm just curious. I have no problem hammering it all out on graphing paper, but I was just wondering if something did already exist. :)







If you check out the disk i posted some time back




on the disk is a PMG editor it may even be the one from compute



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I've tried the intersting Genesis but I am not able to save.

Do you know in what format this program saves?

I gave this a try - maybe strange behaviour because of using a save state.

Create a blank formatted DOS 2.5 disk and insert that before saving.

It seems to go off into limbo for a little while but does save eventually.

The master disk contains some utilities to convert files into data statements

for use in either Basic or ASM so I'll get the docs scanned and uploaded soon.


If you press 'Y' in a wait state (e.g. you've pressed Return to stop the animation)

then the disk directory will be displayed in the top left corner.




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