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Today, for the first time, I played Galaga on an arcade machine. I had had plenty of practice beforehand having owned this on the Game Boy Advance, so I was pumped. It still said 25 cents on the front. Unfortunately, I had to put in another token since it wouldn't accept the first one, so I got screwed out of 25 cents.


But once I got it working, I was on a roll!! Of course, there was no line to play the game. I tell you, the arcade version is much better than the Game Boy Advance version. People behind me playing Killer Instinct II gave me a couple of wierd looks. When I reached the ninth level, one eventually said, "Uh, wow, you're pretty good at this. Where'd you practice this game?" I smiled and said the GBA gave me a good jumpstart.


The arcade I played at was NOT an old one, by the way. It opened about 2 months ago. The fact that the owner actually bothered to buy the Galaga machine (and the Mrs. Pac-Man on the right) really shows faith in the people of old classics. Imagine, after all these years, it stills says 25 cents. Isn't that great?


I left that arcade feeling I got an incredibly great value for 25 (well, okay, 50 with the rip-off) cents. Neato. After I left, I noticed a couple of other people started to take interest in it too.

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h.e.r.o... you are now a man.. that is my all time fave arcade game, when you become one with the machine and get in the zone its amazing.. i have a little galaga tribute page its mostly bits and pieces of neat trivia that i have found online, if any of you want to see it it is.. my crappy ISP deleted some of the pictures but I am working on fixing it up, if you wanna see a pi thats not on there just email me and i will send it




and to the one blessed with the galaga machine known as Ben.. you got one great deal.. I would give up my computer tv everything just for a galaga cab... is it a mini or a full cabinent? (or cocktail.. )


everyone else, im the 7th to post here so


everyone headed to CGE take it easy and have a good trip


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thanks, I am planning on adding more ..ala gaplus galaxian, galaga '88 and so on. It sounds like you got one of those once in a lifetime deals, I was going to bid on a mini-cab on ebay for 450.. but i didnt have 450, go figure


btw, all of your tellings of your finds makes me wish i didnt live in the middle of nowhere


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I've been seeing a lot of that Galaga/Ms. Pacman hybrid out there lately. Must be someone's way of offering two classics in one unit for everyone. I haven't seen any other machines featuring other games like that (well, more than one I mean) so I assume many were made and shipped out to arcades and bars (I played one in a bar that I played a show at recently).

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