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Raccoon Lad discovers secrets for the KLOV!!

Hakogame 箱亀

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That's right, in my second videogame trick discovery (my first being a trick for Gilligan's Island on the NES), I have discovered a cool trick for the Arcade Game Up'n Down. I believe Mattyxb and possibly tempest will appreciate this trick. Soon it will forever be in the KLOV forever, but I first give it to you at ATARIAGE. In the arcade version of Up'n Down, pass the first 4 rounds in under a minute each, and you will find a guest appearance by none other then PENGO, and he's surfing!!

Check out the animated GIF version I made as PROOF.

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Wow that's cool! Lots of Sega games have guest apprences by other Sega characters, but those are usually on home consoles (like the SMS). I know Capcom and Konami did that with a few games.


I've never played the arcade version of Up N Down more than once or twice, but the Atari 400/800 version is pretty close (unlike the 2600 version).



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