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Marble Madness


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Marble Madness was one of my favorite arcade games. I used to love to play that game even though I was very good at it. There is a Playstation version of the game for one of the Atari classic remakes but the Playstation controller can not accurately create the same feel that the roller controller did.


MM2 would be a great game but Infogrames has to be careful in not just releasing new updated versions of older games. I think they should stress new games more and then release the occasional updated version of a classic game.


If they release too many classic games at once, they are going to be look like they obtained the Atari name simply to release new versions of older games and are not going to try to release new games with the name. That was part of the problem when the Atari 7800 was finally released. It had too many older games that gamers had already seen and did not want to play again despite the improvement in graphics.

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I agree with most of your reply.

Yes it's true. Infograms needs to make

new games with the Atari "spirit".

"easy to play, hard to master".

Not just hacking old games with better graphics.



But you have to remember there's ton's of kids out there that have never played a classic atari arcade or 2600 game.

If they do it right!


A perfect example of an updated arcade game

is the Yak's Tempest 2000 for Jag and PSX!


And i feel a perfect example of a game with

classic "easy to get into hard to master is

EA's SSX for the PS2. Ok' so it's not the best game for a game with Atari "Spirit".

I'll have to get back to you with that one...


I still wanna see a totally beefed out version of MM2 for the PS2!!


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