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Recognise / remember this game?


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A loong time ago (well a few years), I saw, and played on, a game, in a stand up cabinet, who's name I've totally forgoten. Im thinking of trying to buy it, (assuming he still has it, and assuming I get a job). I would however like your opinions on a) what its called, and b) what its worth.


This machine was a driving game, with a black and white (no greyscale) raster screen, quite a large one I believe. It had a really cool chromed metal 3 spoke steering wheel with an atari fuji heavily embosed on the center. The game itself consisted of driving your car (1st person so you couldnt see your car, just the view from inside), arround a series of tracks, which you could only see by little white square blocks marking the edges of the road. I hope thats enough detail for people to remember it. I think the game also had 1/2 pedals and a 4 position gear stick, but Im not sure about that.


If anyone does know its name, or remembers anything about it, I'd love to know, since I believe the owner of this machine (assuming he still has it) dosnt know what its worth, he lets kids (like I was when I last saw it) play on it as a way to make a bit of money for himself lol. So with any luck I can buy it from him for almost nothing, he also had other old machines like bomber jack, and a coctail table defender (I think, might have been pac man).

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Definitely sounds like Night Driver.. though I'm just the opposite of Albert here. I've only seen the sit-down version, ages ago at Golf N Stuff (now Castles & Coasters) near the mini-sized kids' games and the air cannon shooting gallery that shoots raquetballs at skee-ball targets.

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Well Im not sure how much he'll want for it, or how much its worth, so I really have no idea at the moment. I think my first step is to find out how much its worth, then go see him and work out if he has it and how much he would want for it. Like I said tho, Im not at all sure I'll get it, so I'll let you know when I find out more info. If you do have any links that could help me work out what its worth it would be useful.

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I'm not sure what a game like that would be worth. It's not something most people would want to buy since it's rather lacking in the gameplay department. Most people who buy arcade games for home are buying games they enjoyed in the arcades. Certainly that's my rationale behind purchasing arcade games. So this will limit the market to collectors who want the game because of its historical significance. If there are enough arcade collectors out there and a small enough supply and the game is in good condition, I could see it fetching a fair amount of cash.


However, somehow I don't think there's a rush on these games so I wouldn't value it very highly. I looked on eBay and didn't see any auctions for it, either currently running or having ended recently. I also searched on Deja.com briefly and it certainly doesn't look like Night Driver is considered very valuable.


Now, that cocktail Defender is more up my alley.



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Originally posted by Tyrant:

Well, one day soon I'll go down there and see if he has any of them still, I'll let you know.


Oh, and the idea of a coctail defender still makes me laugh, then again, how many arcades served coctails anyway? I cant quite picture that myself.


While I did see cocktail games in arcades, they were generally sold to pizza parlors and the like, as well as sports bars, etc.

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Night Driver is the first 3D racing game, well, debatable since 280Zzzap and Speed Freak were also out around the same time.


Night Driver sit down is a wonderful machine. It has an unusual fiberglass cabinet.


Today, only the very earliest B&W games like Pong and Computer Space are in high demand, but one day I think all the pre- Space Invaders titles will appreciate, if for no other reason than the attrition of decades of lack of interest has reduced their numbers to the single digits. They definitely are historical artefacts.


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