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variables must be <$100!


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You really, really need to read HELP.HTML, it comes with bB. I understand that you preferred to just jump into coding, but just reading through that file will answer virtually every question you've posted in this forum, and it's written in a way that's very easy to understand.



Although variable values can contain 0-255, the numbers will wrap if 255 is exceeded.


To use larger numbers, you have to use fractions. Open help.html and click on Fixed Point Variables, when you read through the kind of long-winded explanation of how they work, you'll see how to solve your problem.



Another way to do this if you aren't comfortable with fixed point variables yet is:

s = s + 1

if s = 200 then t = t + 1 : s = 0

if t = 18 then goto 270

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I read that section and it's all Greek to me. :? Maybe I'm a little stupid when it comes to understanding 2600 programming, but it's hard to comprehend all this. It's a miracle that I've done what I already did.

BTW, thanks for the alternate code.

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