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Master of Weapon Machine


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I just got my first coin-op game. It is a Master of Weapon machine. I got it for $80 (the guy was asking $75 but he didn't have change.) Does anyone know about how many of these machines were made? I had never heard of it before. Can anyone point me to a rarity list for coin-ops. I'd like to know how common it is, but I'm sure that $80 was a pretty good deal.

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I've never seen this game, but I just took at look at its entry on the KLOV (Killer List of Videogames) site. They only have two screenshots, not even a picture of the cabinet itself. A quick search on Deja and Google didn't reveal too much information, so it doesn't appear to be very common.


I see it's a vertical scroller, and I'm a fan of those. If it's in decent shape and working order, $80 sounds like a great price.. Congrats!



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