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New monitor needed

Heavy Sixer

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I recently acquired a Pengo upright (not Atari, I know, but I'm hoping some fellow arcade collectors can help me) at a Salvation Army for $50. The machine is in great condition, but the monitor (19" vertical) is just about shot (hence the discount). More than half the screen is compressed into a bright vertical line in the middle of the screen. I'm no expert when it comes to monitors, so I have a few questions: Can this monitor still be repaired, or should I replace it? Are there any compatible monitors still in production today (i.e. can I obtain a brand new one somewhere)? And if I have to replace it, where can I buy/order one? Any advice would be welcome. Thanx!



Out of order in Louisiana

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Welcome to the world of arcade games. It sounds like the monitor needs to be recapped. That involves buying a kit with all the capacitors that need to be replaced. Bob Roberts has a nice selection of them as well as a page to identify your monitor. You need to get the kit, discharge the monitor (very important!!!), remove the board, remove the old caps and solder in the new ones while being careful to get the polarity right. There are instrucitons with the kit and it really is easy if you have any skill with a soldering iron. If not a friend with experience should be able to complete the whole operation in about 2 hours. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.


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Hope replaceing the caps works it's probably pretty cheap but

If replaceing the caps does not work try


just found this site thanks to

moycon on the 2600 board

they seem to have alot of good stuff

I think the price is reasonable considering what you get but the price is relative to how much cash you have i suppose.


Good luck

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