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Atari Prototype Art and Internal Documents


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http://www.safestuff.com/In case you haven't seen it yet (I think we're one of the last sites to post this!), SafeStuff.com has received several updates recently. On the site you will find a large collection of prototype Atari Games (Atari's arcade division) artwork, internal Atari documentation, and pictures of many prototype Atari arcade cabinets that were never released. Here are some examples of the cool items you'll find:


[*]Concept art of Atari arcades

[*]Memo from Lucasfilm regarding Star Wars arcade game

[*]Atari Games brainstorming session notes

[*]Marble Madness II information


There's lots of great info and pictures here and well worth checking out if you're a fan of Atari's coin-op division!

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The artwork was drawn by Regan Cheng, Regan was one of the only industrial designers who could draw in people to give real perspective of size of machines, he loved to draw those women, he definitely had a good eye for lines and design and for women :-)



Regan later on designed the 5200 case, 1200XL, Ataritel designs, the Star Raiders touch pad, the kids controller, the 5200 switchbox and so much more.




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