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Fixed my SW upright!


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oh man, my star wars upright died on me months ago and i was bummed beyond belief.


finally took it upon myself to open that bad boy up and after some poking around, saw a blown fuse. a quick trip to radio shack and she fired right up!


one of my prized possesions for sure, modded to play empire also with the flip of a switch.



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That's awesome! I'd love to have a Star Wars cockpit, but I'd be happy with an upright.  But I imagine the cockpits are heavy as hell, and the uprights are bad enough. Someday!!


Boy do you speak the truth! The GOAT Store recently got a standup arcade game and a pinball machine to mess with to see if we can do anything worthwhile as a business with them (and of course, to play when we are bored) and they were both heavy as heck to move around!


Crazy enough too, the next arcade auction is coming in a week from next week Wednesday... I don't know what I want personally, but I really want something...


Now just to convince the fiancee that we _need_ a pinball machine in our apartment



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My SW cockpit arrived back in September...DOA.


I finally fixed it, but I don't know how ???

About 2 months ago, I decided to leave it on over the

weekend, just to see if I'd make any money. I made 50 cents!!!!

But the display died again...much sadness indeed.


At least it still has the original 25" Amplifone monitor in

it. Sweet!!! When I get the time, I'm going to rip into

the AVG board (analog vector generator) and start

replacing components, one by one.


I WILL have my cockpit working!

...I have spoken.


As far as weight, it really isn't that bad. There are

about 3 steps at my front door, so I had 2 friends help

me carry it into the living room. After that, it was easy

for one person...it has wheels. Nice wheels. Low

friction wheels. 2 fixed and 2 rotating axles, so it steers

sort of like a shopping cart...only much much easier.



There are a few pics for anyone who's interested at

Chris's Starwars arcade machine (cockpit model)

(note: the friend who took the photos was playing with

his new camera, so these are pretty big files!)



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cockpit, NICE! yeah, when mine was shipped to me, it was also DOA. i literally ripped all the boards out (a lot of the connectors came loose during shipping) and spent two days just CLEANING it. spent about another week or so fixing a few things, re-wiring the power (so it is in the mech door and easily accessible), added wheels to the bottom (roll baby roll!), added a fan, and adding the chips and switch to play Empire (HIGHLY recommended).


anyway, after the gutting and cleaning, it really is one of the cleanest machines i have seen and plays like a charm! i do have the monitor cap kit to keep things fresh but i'm kinda scared that i will kill myself removing that beast or not fully discharging it.


i'll try and snap some pix if anyone is interested...

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My SW cockpit was not that hard to move, either. Of course, that is compared to Space Lords or Discs of Tron (both really hard on the body to move).


My machine was the find of a lifetime...


One of my friends was on his way to lunch one day from work and the traffic got backed up. As he turned into a neighborhood, he noticed what looked like a cockpit game under a tarp in a driveway (he is a game nut, too, btw). He went to lunch and then stopped by the house on the way home from work that night. The fella said the game did not work, he was not sure why, but if he wanted it, he could have it. My friend went over to look under it (now dark outside) and found it was a Star Wars cabinet. He knew how much I wanted one, so he called me and said "get the truck". We got it home, I warmed it up in the garage for a few hours and VIOLA, we got game. All complete, all original, unreal condition. The game had been outside for about two weeks, but there had been no rain. There are not even holes in the coin door areas.


Thought you could appreciate that story. If you are coming to Philly Classic, it will be there with me for free play. Now hows that for sharing the wealth?.,...



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