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dirty tricks on arcades


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beeing french, i was in france every summer to visit my grandma, where i collected tons of 20 centimes coins. i could - for a very long time - use those coins (about 2-3 cents) instead of the regular 1 Mark coins (1/2 dollar). so it was a cheap fun for me .... i just had to change the locations where i play more often, not be suspected.


another trick that worked until 85-86 was to disassemble an electronic lighter, take out the mechanism and use the copper wire: you slided the wire in the coins slot, pressed the lighter .... and like a miracle, the credits rolled up and up ....




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We used to drill tiny holes in quarters (i know thats bad) and tie fishing wire to it and lower it down into the coin slot untill the credits went up and if it didnt come back out we would just break the wire, this didnt work on all machines


then one time on Popeye (DK, DKjr) we noticed that the Plastic screen cover moved up and could be removed, we would pull it out just enough to reach down and click the credit buttons


one time i found the keys to all the machines inside the DK machine, they opened up all the coin slots and the back of the machines and i still have them

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I found that on Skee-Ball machines, you could reach your hand up into the coin return thing (tray under the machine) and feel around until you felt a metal wire, and pulled on it. This would give you a free game. You could get all sorts of neat prizes with those tickets...


Ian Primus


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When I was in college, one of my friends discovered that if you pulled the side panel of the cabinet closest to the controllers on the Mortal Kombat III machine, you could reach in and have full access to the dip switches on the board. Free play anyone?


Interestingly enough, the operators of the game left the operator manual inside the game cabinet which basically told us what to do to manipulate the game settings in detail. The machine didn't stay in our campus arcade for very long after our "discovery". It was promptly pulled from the location never to be seen again.

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The RBI Baseball at the local bowling alley would give free plays just by banging on the front of the machine right were the coin slots are, we knew the assistant manager very very well and after closing he lets us hang out while he did his paper work, this was usually after 1am, we would just wait till the other patrons had left and bang on the front of the game and play almost all night.

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Working at Chuck E Cheese for over four years, I have seen a lot of different things, although I've never seen as much as I have seen at another local arcade.


If you're ever in the Milwaukee area, there is an arcade called "Fun World" that has a Ferris Wheel and other stuff. They keep their games in the worst condition possible, are horribly unsafe (I also am a trainer at Six Flags with their rides, and they scare me with their Ferris Wheel) and all these other problems.


Anyway, one day I was able to do all of the following on their arcade machines:


I lifted the control panel of Asteriods right off. If I was an a$$, I could've stole every token right out of the machine. I informed them of the problem.


I lifted the glass right off their horribly crooked (all balls roll to the right, no matter what angle you hit them at) Terminator 2 Pinball. I tend to hold on to the metal part when I'm playing, and I lifted my hands up, and off it came and the glass slid right off. I had to tell them how to fix this one.

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When I was a kid there was a wrestling game in a local arcade, me and my buddy would battle all day on it. It was in the back of the arcade and out of site, All you had to dou was turn arond and lean up against the game, then give it a swift kick to the coin drop. It would look like you were just leaning on it, but it would give you free credits(we would get between 1 and 9 credits on it at a time)

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