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Help? Game problem...


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I've been working with the Bad Dudes cabnet that I picked up recently. I had tried out the monitor with my other standup (a Wells Gardner K4900 series hookup) and it worked (it has a tag on it which labels it as a Wells Gardner K7000 series monitor).


I replaced the problematic power supply in the game, but now the monitor will still not come up. Everything else works fine now (including the lights in the coin slots, the marquee lights, sound, coin mechs, test controls, etc.) but the monitor isn't receiving the signal from the JAMMA board. I've tried everything from adjusting the voltage that the power supply is giving out to double checking all of the wiring. Everything looks good, and the monitor turns on with boot-up but I get no picture.


I've played with the various monitor settings a little, but since they were working on my other board I didn't think I would need to do it here....


Any ideas? The board I'm using doesn't work, but displays a checker board pattern and makes a clicking noise. I can hear the clicking noise, but no screen.

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Humm, maybe a problem with the jamma hookup? try the monitor again with the other board. then try the board that isn't working with a kown good monitor from another cab. Or, just put the board at question into a cab where everything works. then test it. in any case make sure everything still works. double check connections, get out your multi meter and find out just how much electricity is going into your monitor ect... If that didnt work, then I dunno

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